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My Friend


I have been Elsie's neighbour for over 20 years, ever since I moved to my own house in Baillieston.

In 2006, Elsie came to my Planning Day in the Swallow Hotel.

    Waving goodbye to Elsie


We went to the cafe in Dunlop for coffee.  Elsie liked the new bag for my new printer.


Elsie teaches me some BSL signs, like the signs for "HOTEL" and "MEETING".

Elsie came to my 50th birthday party at the hotel in Dunlop.

Elsie helped me to print two of My Calendars, one for Elsie and one for Mummy.

Elsie came to visit us again at Balbeg in 2010.

Sunday Lunch, 21st September, Dunlop

Elsie brought me a jigsaw and taught us the signs for ANGEL and CANADA

Elsie has been a WWWCS Calendar Girl many times. February 2008

 September 2009

and April 2010


Elsie knitted me a Hello Kitty.  Now Omnitux has a new friend. I love my "Kitty"

She and I used to have the same laptop and the same printer.

Elsie came to visit us at Balbeg in summer 2008.  She brought me a lovely Jigsaw.