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My Friend LUCY  

LUCY is one of Anna's four daughters.  She is my cousin, well my third-cousin (sort of), her great-grandmother was Nonna Maria Carmena (nee Sidonio), my grandaunt.  Lucy often comes to stay at the cottage when I'm there.

Doreen and Lucy were WWWCS Calendar Girls in April 2008.

She has a niece who is also called Lucy.  Now she goes to school in Edinburgh.


Lucy and Kathleen, her cousin's daughter, came to visit us at Balbeg.  We had lots of fun, flying my kite, playing ball and going for walks,  Oh, and eating!
Gingerbread 'Hoo'

Margaret helped me to make this gingerbread house which Lucy gave me for Christmas.

I had a sleepover at Lucy's flat.

The Inland Sea, Lucy in Malta

Ya better RUN!


Spare tyre? No me!

We played in the adventure playground