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My Friend


We soon became very close friends, Alice was a rare, golden thread in life's rich tapestry.


Alice was always very kind to me, giving me presents, like this special teddy.


When I first met Alice she was only ninety-seven.

Alice's 98th Birthday


Alice came to my Planning Day in the Swallow Hotel, and one day we had lunch in the Art Gallery (and shopped)


I loved to visit Alice.  She had a beautiful garden


On a Saturday I used to go to Alice's house for tea, or sometimes to a garden centre for coffee and cake.

I had to learn to be gentle with my kisses.

We went to the Dalmeny Park Hotel for birthdays four times a year.


Alice bought me a paddling pool.  We often went to Troon


Everyone loved Alice.  She was a very special lady and we were all very lucky to have her as our friend. I miss her.