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I have had some wonderful holidays since I came to live in the community.  I did have holidays when I was at school but I don't have any photos of them.


My first holiday with John and Alfred was in the summer of 1997 when we went to a log cabin in Glengarry, Inverness-shire.  I had to go back to 'school' after the holiday and left the place for the last time in December 1997. Hurray!!  It has since been knocked down. Hip Hip Hurray!!!


Last October (2003), we went to Glendaruel and stayed in a luxury caravan.  That wasn't our first holiday in Argyll though.  We had already been there when we stayed at Annie's Chapel.   We liked to visit the Post Office Tea-Room in Strachur.  I love Argyll.  That's where John went to school when he was a wee boy.  I think we'll go again this year. 

It's MUMMY's birthday this month.  I know this because my own birthday is next month.

I love celebrating birthdays.  John's sister, MAY, came to my house once for her birthday, Uncle Tommy came too.  JOHN's birthday is in June.  Sometimes Isabel and Bill come to Scotland for one of our birthdays.  I like it when they come in May for mine