April  2004

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It's MUMMY's birthday this month.  I know this because my own birthday is next month.

I love celebrating birthdays.  John's sister, MAY, came to my house once for her birthday, Uncle Tommy came too.  JOHN's birthday is in June.  Sometimes Isabel and Bill come to Scotland for one of our birthdays.  I like it when they come for mine.

When Lucy was a little girl she lived in EDINBURGH.  One day, Alfred and Mummy took me to visit Lucy and her mummy, Francesca.  Doreen was also visiting that day with her daughter, Jenny.  I can't remember if it was someone's birthday but we had a party anyway.  We went up on the roof and we sat on deck-chairs in the sunshine.  I was still at 'school' (LCH) and I had just returned from a holiday in Glen Garry with John and Alfred.