February 2004

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One day, Graham and Jean came with their partners to Alfred's house.  It was his birthday.  John was there too and we had a great party.

I was upset at first when Alfred left his old house and moved to Greenock.  I don't like change.  I was going to miss the house and garden.  I had lived there with Alfred and John for six months after leaving school.  It had been a stepping stone into the community before moving into my own home.

I would miss our friends and visitors even more.  UNCLE TOMMY used to come for Sunday Lunch and Ernie visited us often with his dog BONNIE.  Anita would bring CARA, Doreen came with JENNY, and Francesca brought LUCY when she was just a little girl.  Unfortunately for me, not all came together at the same time!

I needn't have worried. I was soon to make lots of new friends.