... but also looks back in time to 1997 when I left "finishing school". This first year of my online diary includes some stories from the last seven years and photos going back to my childhood.   (Tony's diary starts in 2012)

I used to love Saturday mornings.  I still like them but I used to have a very special reason for loving them.  Alfred used to take me to my horse-riding class and Mummy usually came too, to see how well I was doing.  Although it was quite near Alfred's house and not too far from my house, we were almost always late.  No me!

GRAHAM taught me to ride at his riding school.  My horse's name was Shadow.  Winter and summer, whatever the weather, I used to love my riding, even in the snow!

I always tried to keep a nice "straight back" to please Graham.  Some days, Jean would take me horse-riding.  I liked Jean very much.  She has a daughter and two dogs.  Jean would teach me to do my exercises, like holding my arms out and bending from side to side.  I enjoyed this because it was really easy for me, slim, fit and forty as I was.

Sometimes if both Graham and Jean were busy, Sharon would give me my lesson.  I remember lots of lovely sunny days, riding on Shadow, with other people on their horses riding beside us.  Alfred remembers the days when the wind and driving snow made him shiver.  No me!