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When Lucy was a little girl she lived in EDINBURGH.  One day, Alfred and my Mummy took me to visit Lucy and her mummy, Francesca.  Doreen was there too  that day with her daughter, Jenny.  I can't remember if it was someone's birthday but we had a party anyway.  We went up on the roof and we sat on deck-chairs in the sunshine.  I was still at 'school' (LCH) and I had just returned from a holiday in a log cabin in Glen Garry with John and Alfred.  Our best holiday ever!

I have a special sign for Lucy.  I mimic her falling backwards from a chair. One day we went to visit them in St Andrews and Lucy nearly fell backwards off her chair, but didn't.    I'll always remember that.


Lucy's Daddy's name was Alex and he is in heaven now with John.  When the family  went to New Zealand Alex made these three fantastic videos of Lucy, Rhuraidh and Phillipa with their cousins Anna and Patrick who live there. 

Tony and I have enjoyed watching them over and over again for many years now.  So I'm very grateful to Lucy's Daddy for being so clever just like John.

In this wee video you can see a very young Lucy and her young cousin Anna in Uncle Alfred 's garden (skip to 2:15).