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I used to go to a dance class in Cambuslang which was organised by June Strange and her friend Margaret.  June had to be quite strict with us in order to keep us all in our place, but she was also very fair and gave each of us our turn to be in the middle, or to hold up the ribbon the highest.

June had given us exercises and dancing at school, a rare and happy memory, so I was very lucky to be able to join her dance class in the community.  I went every Tuesday to my class.  Sometimes Michelle took me and other times Alfred would take me.  Once we had a big show in a hall in Paisley with other groups, performing our dancing on the stage.  That was very exciting.

Although I like my own house and garden when it's nice and sunny, I also like staying at Mum's house and  visiting other people's houses and gardens.


I like going to Airdrie.  That's where my Daddy came from.  I love to visit Aunt Loretta and Uncle Aldo.  Ralph and Eleanor live there too, quite close to where Uncle Tommy lives.  Mummy and I know lots of friends who still live in Airdrie and so many other people who came from there and now live all over the world.