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My birthday is 3rd May, Papa Ralph's is the 4th and my niece Annalisa is on the 7th.

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Last year, in May 2003, Mummy and Alfred took me to Canada to visit Peter, Silvana, Annalisa and Stefano in Vancouver.  We had a wonderful holiday.  Peter took us out in his boat round Horse Shoe Bay and also took us to The Sundance Ranch where I did some horse-riding - so did Alfred and Peter.


We had a campervan and went to Vancouver Island for a paddle in the Pacific. We went to Whistler and stayed in Peter's apartment - I C using the hot pool and could have stayed in it for hours.  I enjoyed going to restaurants with the family and making lots of jigsaws.  We sent back lots of postcards to John and to Anna.
See my holiday in California with Mum and Peter in October 2012 and the video combining the two holidays.