<November 2005 January 2006>

I had been looking forward to Christmas ever since my birthday in May.  Mum stayed at my house on Christmas Eve and I got up very early on Christmas Day to see my presents.  Alfred came to my house later to take me down to Dunlop to see John and the cats.  Santa had left lots more presents at the cats house and I gave Monty and Miya new beds; a pink one for Miya and a blue one for Monty.  I helped to set the table as Mrs Young was coming for lunch on Boxing Day.  She helped me to finish the round jigsaw which mummy gave me for Christmas.  After lunch I made 16 jigsaws on my laptop.  Mrs Young thought I was very clever.  I sat in front of the fire reading one of my Christmas books while John cleared the table and Alfred took Mrs Young back home.