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The snow melted at last except on Arran and Spring finally arrived - the days are getting longer and the shadows shorter.  John worked hard on his little wall opposite the front door.  I remembered to feed the birds while Miya enjoyed having a rest with John.
Peter was coming to visit me in Dunlop with Easter presents.  I was very excited but I kept myself busy while I waited for him to arrive.  It was a big surprise to see Mummy and Annalisa with him.  I took Annalisa up to see my room.  They were all very pleased to hear me say my own name at last - at the ripe old age of almost forty-six!.  C-A-R-I-N-A.  That's me!


Dr Simpson came to see me at home and watched me doing jigsaws on my new silver laptop.  I'm looking forward to Isabel coming over from Spain for my birthday next month.  Mummy and Gordon took me bowling.