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I went to visit Mrs Young just after her 100th birthday.  I gave her a special birthday card and a very special photo album.  Many of her friends and family had given her beautiful flowers - I'd never seen so many, and the room was filled with the scent of all the lilies.  I'm so happy that we have become such good friends.
I helped Alfred to put all the photographs of her 100th birthday party in the Dalmeny Park Hotel into her new photo album.  I also gave her chocolates.  I think she was delighted with her presents.



Mrs Young is the only lady I know with enough vases to hold all those flowers.  She is very proud of me too and thinks I'm clever.  When I went home Margaret helped me with a jigsaw.  We went to Braehead to meet Charles and Ian.  Mum phoned from Canada to say she had arrived at Peter's house.  I have a wireless modem now.  It works better for skype.