<November 2006 January 2007>  
Margaret took me to Morrison's for breakfast then we went to the bank.  Next day she took me to her house for dinner with Charles.  Alfred came to Margaret's to take me to Dunlop. Another day I went to Peter's house for something to eat and to deliver Christmas cards.  I went with Elaine to Lidl and I bought a huge box of colouring pens and pencils.  Hours of fun!

Our tickets arrived for Inclusion's Christmas Party at the Swallow hotel.  Mummy and Alfred took me there and after the party Peter took me home in a taxi.  I had such a good time and was very tired when I got home. 
At Dunlop we put out all the Christmas decorations.  Isabel and Bill made the Santa and the Church and the little white Christmas Tree all for me.  Elsie gave Alfred a little Santa candle called 'Alfred' and gave John a little snowman candle called 'John'.  After Christmas I went to stay with mummy.  My family gave me lots of presents.  I took them to Dunlop too.  On Boxing Day Alice came to Dunlop for Christmas Supper.



On New Year's Eve we stayed up for The Bells as usual but Monty was already fast asleep by the fire.  There was a special program on TV celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday.  I went to bed leaving John and Alfred to watch their program.  Happy Birthday Mozart xx