<January 2006 March 2006>
It's still very cold and the cats like lying in front of the log fire.  One day Lucy came with Rachael for afternoon tea .  I used to visit Miss Macnair in her beautiful flat in Hyndland .  She likes making jigsaws almost as much as I do.  Alfred used to look after her too.  Sometimes I took my laptop and I showed her how to make jigsaws on the computer.  I had a special name for her - the picnic lady - because we went out for a picnic one sunny day last year.
Anna and Tony came down to Dunlop for a visit.  Tony is Anna's brother-in-law.  I flicked through Tony's paper, just to look at the pictures of course, then I continued with my stamping.  I like stamping.  I can stamp for hours you know.  In the morning I enjoy doing a jigsaw while Alfred makes the breakfast.  Sometimes when I'm reading Monty sits on my lap if I keep very still.