<December 2005 February 2006>
   Peter and Silvana phoned from Canada to wish us all a Happy New Year then we phoned Anna to wish her the same.  We skyped Isabel and Bill in Spain too.
   On Tuesday we phoned Margaret to say we were at Mrs Young's for lunch and would be home a bit later.  I really enjoyed my holiday at Dunlop.  Mummy phoned to ask me all about it and I told her that Peter and Silvana had phoned.  Gordon made the dinner and I played cards until Peter came in.  I stayed at mum's and she gave me a present to give to Elsie.
   I went back down to Dunlop on the Friday.  Mrs Grue gave Alfred a TV for my bedroom.  I watched my Robbie Williams DVD a few times before going to bed early.  Next day we went to Newton Mearns with a touch-lamp and an electric blanket for Mrs Young.  We fed the birds before we left.
   Alfred came to my house and took me to the dentist to have two teeth out.  He got me a new stamp set for being brave and I played with it all evening after I got home.  Later in the week we went to Airdrie for Uncle Tommy's birthday party.  I took him a birthday cake.

Peter took me to the carnival at the Kelvin Hall and I was on my best behaviour.  There were lots of children there but was good and didn't approach them.  We enjoyed all the different rides and I won some soft toys.
   At the end of my next weekend at Dunlop we went to Celeste's house for lunch before going home. Josie was there too and we phoned Anita and Cara. We took three of My Calendars for Anita, Celeste and Josie and Celeste gave me new pyjamas for Christmas.