<June 2006 August 2006>
We went back to Troon with Mrs Young.  This time we went to the beach then to the Marine hotel for afternoon tea.  On the way home we stopped to watch little ponies running in the field.  As usual we took John back home to his flat when the week-end was over.
Mrs Young and Alfred came to my house.  We met John for lunch near his school.  The weather was warm and sunny and I had been wanting a paddling pool.  What a surprise!  Mrs Young bought one for me (and wind-breaks too).  Thank you so much xx.
I went back down to Dunlop for my summer holiday for two weeks.  I went in the pool or to the beach every day except three rainy days.  Anna came to visit us on a rainy day.

Mrs Young came down to Dunlop on the hottest day of the year to see me in the pool.  When we took her home that evening Alfred took photos of the roses in her garden.  I had a great holiday.