<February 2006 April 2006>
It was very cold and bright this month then the snow came back.  John brought me a new black jumper from his school Bannerman High.  I spent a lot of time colouring and making jigsaws.  Alfred made porridge in the morning and we had to remember to feed the birds too.  I like making jigsaws in my bedroom where it is nice and cosy and bright.
I was learning to speak my name CARINA.  It was quiet hard and took several week-ends.  Mrs Young had given me a poster with my name in Tropical Lettering, painted by her neighbour Mrs Grue's daughter Gabrielle.  Alfred made cards with INA and CAR which I learned to repeat over and over until at last I could say it: "CAR-INA".  Miya and Monty thought I was very clever and they're right of course!  I also help with the recycling.


Now when someone asks my name I don't need to wait for someone else to answer for me.  Progress!