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Inclusion held a planning day for me in the Swallow Hotel.  Frances and Martha wrote all my wishes on the board.  My friend Ian was there and we used my laptop to play music.  Mummy and Liz, Aldo and Loretta and lots of friends came including Mrs Young, John and Lucy.  Gordon, Peter, Margaret and Charles were there.  Linda was there too for a little while.

Margaret and Charles brought my friend Ian to visit me in Dunlop.  Not long after my birthday Anne-Marie from Ability Net came to do another assessment of my computer needs.  Mrs Young gave me a set of playing cards in a wooden box for my birthday this year.
Isobel and Bill came over from Spain for my birthday.  They were sleeping in my bedroom so Alfred and I went to Struthers Bed & Breakfast while they were staying with us.  We had a great time, lots of unpacking to do, then breakfast, then lots of packing.  Great!  Alice came to Struthers one afternoon to see our room and we had tea and scones at the same table.