<October 06 December 06>
   On the 1st November I was invited to give a demonstration, using my laptop and a brand new projector, at a conference held by Inclusion Glasgow in the Albany Hotel.  Alfred was invited to explain how I had learned to use my computer for playing games and for improving my communication, with my friends and family, at home and abroad, using Skype.
   I love staying in hotels so when we arrived the night before I was very excited.  I phoned Mummy, John and Margaret to tell them.  I had taken my new camera so I took a picture of Alfred relaxing after dinner in our room.  Inclusion gave me the projector to keep.
   I gave my demonstration to a very select audience.  Our workshop was competing against a very popular talk by my friend Simon Duffy (founding director of Inclusion Glasgow and Jacob's daddy) and another one called 'The Psychic Experience' - this was almost as popular.  Alfred explained to our audience (which included Simon's wife, Nicola, and my friend Ian) that before Skype, talking to me on the phone was difficult.  A real psychic experience.  Everyone was proud of me, especially Alice who is now 100 years old!
   The next weekend, at Alfred's house, I watched it all again 'on the wall', through my new projector.  Then I watched a few videos.  My brother Peter skyped me from Canada which was exciting.  After I went home Martha visited me and we did a jigsaw in my conservatory.