<September 2006 November 2006>
   Mummy is still in Canada.  She phoned me to say that she will be back soon.  At home with Margaret we watched a video called Super Nanny.  I really enjoyed it because it's about children behaving badly.  Not like me!  Peter says I have been on my best behaviour.  He helped me to skype Isabel and Bill in Spain.  Alfred took me to visit Mrs Young for afternoon tea on our way down to Dunlop.  I stayed an extra night at the weekend as mum was on holiday.
   I went to stay at mummy's when she came home.  I was so excited to see my brother Peter there too.  Mum gave me a new watch and Peter gave me lots of presents from Silvana.  I slipped in the bath and hurt my back.  When I went back home the other Peter gave me painkillers for my sore back and I went to bed early.

   Anna invited me to come for a sleepover with Alfred.  I watched videos belonging to the grandchildren and also read some of their books.  We gave Anna chocolates and she gave me two books.  Next morning we gave Anna a lift into town to meet Josie and Celeste then we went again to Dunlop to see John.  I slept on the couch in the afternoon then I read my new books.  I was quite happy to go to bed early as my back was still sore.
    Gordon took me bowling one day then we went to his house for lunch and took the dogs to the park for a walk.  Another day Elaine took me to Burger King and I went shopping with Margaret for a new blouse to wear at the conference next month.  We're going to stay in a hotel for two nights - and it's all been paid for by my friends and family. Thank you to all my supporters.  Very special thanks to Alison who is Rita's friend.