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I've been quite upset because mum is in Canada and Alfred is going to Spain to plan our next year's holiday.  Margaret told me that other people had to get their holidays too and to think of all the presents!.  I had visitors.  Margaret had arranged for a fire officer to carry out an inspection.  Much to my delight three men came and fitted a new alarm.  When they left in their fire engine I was at the window waving good-bye and blowing them kisses.
For Alfred's birthday John and I took him and Mrs Young to the Dalmeny Park Hotel - that's my favourite hotel for birthdays.  We also had a special dinner at home and I helped by setting the table (and I cleared away the dishes!).
                Mrs Young gave me a straw hat and when Alfred took me back to my house I took a photo of him and Margaret with my camera.
It was warm enough still to take my laptop into the garden for a bit of dancing.  Miya sat
very still watching me dance.  I think she was impressed but you never can tell with cats.