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This month's picture was taken last August, on our day out to Greenock where we got on a boat and sailed up Loch Goil. Mrs Young was 100 years old when she managed those stairs!  Even I needed help to get down them.

Isabel was visiting from Spain, and Mrs Young was also with us.  She managed to climb down those stairs in the picture!!  I was scared when I climbed down them, clinging to John's hand behind me, and to Alfred's hand in front of me.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had a picnic lunch on the boat.

This month has been quite exciting too.  Isabel & Bill came to Scotland and stayed at the cottage for two week-ends in a row.  Doreen was over from Spain at the same time so we had a garden party.  Lucy was there too with Kathleen.. Alfred's neighbour, Ann, came for dinner to meet Isabel & Bill.


I went to see Mamma Mia with Alfred.  We went for a Mexican meal before the film.  It was terrific.  I sang my head off!  Alfred was shrinking down in his seat a bit.  He must have missed bits.  Well, he should have sat up straight!