<December 2008 February 2009>

I spent my New Year holiday with Alfred and John at Monty’s house in Dunlop.  We had lots of visitors over New Year.  I phoned and skyped my family and friends almost every day.  Mamma Mia!  We watched my new DVD so many times!!  Hummed my head off!  When I went home after my holiday, I had lots of visitors at my own house, and more Christmas presents.

In mid-January, Isabel came over from Spain to visit John and I went down again for a long week-end. Guess what? That’s right, even more presents. One of my favourites was a pendant necklace with the letter “C” from Isabel & Bill. We phoned Bill in Spain every day. One evening when Isabel was looking after John, Alfred & I went to visit Anna. I was wearing my new pink jumper and I played my website games on Anna’s computer. We left Anna’s after breakfast. We had to rush home to get ready for our visitors, Edith, Jean and Carolann who were coming for dinner. What a busy week-end! I had lots to show and tell Mummy and Margaret when I got home.
At the end of the month I was back down in Dunlop again. We skyped Isabel & Bill in Spain . We also had a visitor from Spain, Alfred’s sister Doreen who came to visit with Anna and Lucy. She watched me playing my games on Alfred’s computer and said I was very clever. Oh, and more presents! We also skyped Alfred’s old neighbours in Greenock, Anne and Elsie. I said hello again to Brandy, their dog.  A new lady, Christine has started to help Margaret to look after me , and I learned to say a new word “SNOW”. I need help to remind me that it starts with “s”. I’m also learning to say “SNOWMAN”.