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Carina skyped Doreen to sing Happy Birthday.  We went to Airdrie to visit Papa Ralph & Eleanor.  Jack and Olivia were there too.  I showed them my numbers game then Olivia tried and got them all correct.  See all photos


Jackie came for afternoon tea and Sunday was the sunniest day of all.  I got a Shrek DVD for being on my best behaviour.  Papa gave me a diary and Eleanor brought me a key-ring from Rome, a donkey just like the one in Shrek! 


We went to Inclusion's Spring Party.  I was very happy to see Jennifer there.  I danced with Ian and had my picture taken with Sadie.  It was a great party!


On Easter Sunday we went to visit Ann and Meg after rolling our Easter Eggs.  Jennifer took me to visit Gucci and I was allowed to hold her.

Conor's 1st birthday on the 22nd