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   Merry Christmas

Red Ted does indeed have a rival in Scott.  When I took my bears to Anna's house for a sleepover, Red Ted came too, but he didn't have his photo taken.  I think he was in a huff.  Anna was trying out two bears on her lap at a time, practising for next year's two new babies.  Now Red Ted just wants to come back to Dunlop to mend his broken heart.


We skyped Isabel & Bill, and Eleanor & Ralph, and John & Alfred on Anna's laptop.  I played games on my laptop, then we had our supper.
John asked me if I would ask Yvonne to help me to take his keys back to SCHOOL for him.  He doesn't need them anymore because he has retired.  John was happy when I came to live in the community and now I'm happy that he has retired.  No more SCHOOL for John and me.  Hip hip!
Doreen sent us a Christmas ecard video with Cesca and Ruaridh DANCING, very funny, thank you Dorina!  We've made some more ecard videos to make our friends laugh.  I hope you like them.  Then I got another one from Dawn (from Balbeg) - me dressed as Santa, DANCING to Jingle Bells.  It's my favourite.

Elsie's old television stopped working and I lent her mine for the WEEKEND while I was down at Dunlop.  Now Elsie has a new one, and  I'm getting a new pink TV for Christmas from Yvonne, Gordon, Derek and Craig.

Mummy gave me new bedding to match my pink bedroom and pink TV, and lots of other presents too!

I got a new shower in the bathroom this month.  On boxing day, Alfred helped me to finish the huge and difficult jigsaw from Elsie.  Thanks Elsie!  Elsie and Ann liked the torch key-rings which I gave them for Christmas.  Just like mine.  I gave Monty a new blanket for his Christmas.  Meaow!


from ELFIE