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March 2011>

Isabel and Bill are giving me a pink ipod shuffle with a watch strap and earphones for my birthday in May.  I am learning how to use it.  Monty is giving me a pink bag to carry it in.
 John's nieces, Jackie & Christine, came to visit and brought me a colouring book and pencils.  I printed a calendar for each of them.
  Elsie came to visit us in Dunlop.  She brought me a present of a pendant with a Russian doll.  We had lunch in the cafe in Stewarton then we went shopping.  Alfred bought be a black bag for carrying my printer.  I printed some colouring pages then Elsie helped me to print two of My Calendars, one for Elsie and one for Mummy.  Anna skyped us when she came back from Australia and Doreen was over from Spain again.