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Ralph, Eleanor and Lucy came for Sunday lunch.  It was a sunny day so we had our lunch in the garden.  We practised signing some of my signs then, when it was time to go home, Ralph & Eleanor took me to Mummy's house.
I went to Anna's for a sleepover.  Anna took me to Francesca's house to feed the chickens and the rabbits because Francesca and the children were away on holiday.  They had gone to their other grand-mother's house to collect the new puppy.  The next day, Anna took me in her car down to Monty's house.  We had lunch in the garden again.

I went to Francesca's for a sleepover.  Her new puppy is called VIGGO.  Next day, Francesca brought me back to Dunlop.  Monty was quite friendly to Viggo, but not very friendly.  Viggo was so well-behaved, the most perfect little puppy. We phoned Peter in Canada to sing Happy Birthday to him.