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I went to visit Cara again and made lots of jigsaws with Yvonne and Craig.

John ordered my new black laptop, Alfred ordered my new mouse. They arrived on Thursday when I went down to Dunlop.


We skyped Ellen to arrange a visit to see her and Callie.  Doreen skyped me too!.  We also skyped Anna, Cesca, Pippa and Ruaridh (Rury).  It's Pippa's birthday on the 11th, she is 10 now!  Who was the monster from the blue lagoon?  Can you guess?  It was Ruaridh!  Ha.


Callie was quite pleased to see us and Ellen made us tea and scones.  I showed her my new games on my black laptop and printed a calendar for Ellen, and also one for Sheila.  We also went to visit Elsie who had made me a knitted (Hello) Kitty.  Now Omnitux has a new friend "Kitty".  Ricky won his match!  We went back to Ellen's two weeks later for more scones.  I drew pictures for Ellen and played with Nina's cards.  On Saturday, it was sunny enough to sit outside with my new black laptop and old folder, listening to ABBA.  Later we went shopping for a new folder and 4 pens.  Margaret phoned and Carina spoke to Charles.  On Sunday we went to John's flat to see his new windows and new door.