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I went to Blackpool again for a holiday with Yvonne, Derek and Craig.
The day before my birthday we went to Anna's house for a tapas lunch. Ralph & Eleanor were there, so were Doreen, Lucy and Giulia.  Jose and Celeste came too. I got lots of presents. Thank you all for a very Happy Birthday, love, Carina xxx
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On Wednesday we took John to Barrassie beach.  First we had fish suppers in the car then we went for a long walk.  John was in his new buggy.
Francesca and Pippa came on Thursday.  Lucy had baked a birthday cake and Pippa decorated it with icing and strawberries.  Scrumptious!  Elsie came on Friday and we went for lunch to the cafe in Stewarton.  We bought a new painting for John's birthday.  Margaret came on Saturday with lots of presents for me.  On Sunday, Jackie arrived to visit us with even more presents.

CARINA's BIRTHDAY      I'm 51 now