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Yvonne took me to  The Ultimate Tribute to ABBA show,


We had a great time.  I really enjoyed it!

I'm going to call her OLIVIA, because on SATURDAY, Eleanor and Olivia went shopping to choose my new teddy.  Olivia has her own Build-A-Bears.  Maybe we could swap outfits!  Move over again Red Ted!  I'm so excited,  Eleanor says I can even buy my new bear a hand-bag

Red Ted in BED is getting better.  Now that I am back HOME and getting better myself, I think my red teddy bear is also feeling better.  At the WEEKEND,  I tucked him in to rest during the day.  His friends, the puppy dogs, stayed with him for company.  If I go for my rest in the afternoon,  they all have to move over!  During the day, I sometimes just lie on the couch, listening to Isabel's story CDs and resting.

A lady came to visit John, to talk to him about his exercises.  I played games downstairs on my computer and only interrupted them once or twice.  Later, Monty watched me playing more games on Alfred's computer, then Monty went out to the garden.  I like opening the door to let him back into the HOUSE.  Alfred and John will soon have new neighbours.

Just before we left to go to the Craft Fair, I asked the two puppy dogs to look after Red Ted until we came back.  I brought back some Christmas presents, surprises, so I can't say what they are, and some birthday cards.  We also met Ann at the fair.  She was there with her new neighbours.  Before we left, we had a cup of tea and a cake. When we came back, John came down to his CHAIR to watch TV.  I was tired so I went up early to my room and Alfred read me a story.


Anita and Josie came to visit me at HOME and brought me a lovely HOUSE plant.  They thought I was looking really well.  The next night,  Ralph & Eleanor visited me too.  Guess what? -  they brought me -- a Build-A-Bear of my very own, with a brand new disco  outfit and new shoes.

When I got to Monty's house, he watched me, with Ann and John, as I opened my surprise box.  I could hardly believe it when inside was another new teddy, in a rugby top, called SCOTT - another build-a-bear!