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November 2011>
I was in HOSPITAL twice this month.  I had my own room with a bathroom and a spare bed for Yvonne.  It was a bit like a HOTEL.  Nice ladies brought us our meals in our room.  No Dining Room!
Last month, when Doreen was over from Spain, she stayed on for Alfred's birthday.  We promised to put some photos of the party here in my diary for her to see.  Ralph and Eleanor were at the party too.  So were Francesca, Pippa and Ruaridh.  Young Lucy was at her friend's party but her aunt Lucy was there.  Afterwards, I stayed in the HOTEL with Anna which I really enjoyed.  Next morning Alfred came round and had his breakfast with us (which he really enjoyed).  After Doreen went back to Spain, Isabel came over to visit John.  He was in a different HOSPITAL.  We are both getting better now.

Isabel brought me a new red teddy, I think I'll call him Red Ted.  I played  games on my laptop for a while then Isabel printed off some Snowmen and we began to make Christmas cards.  Already!   Elsie came to visit me at Dunlop, so did Margaret.  They brought me very nice presents but I was rather tired so I went to bed for a rest.  When I woke up they had already gone HOME, but Anna had arrived, which was a lovely surprise.  Happy Halloween! xx