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  October 2011>
We went to visit Ralph and Eleanor in Airdrie.  Eleanor gave me a new black bag and I tried out Ralph's chair.  Very comfortable!  Doreen and Marie Louise came to visit.  Marie went back to Spain then Doreen went to Jennie's flat in Perth.
We had one really sunny day so we went to the sea-side.  I got another book and another video tape, then we had a PICNIC on the beach.

Elsie came to Dunlop, she brought me a lovely present of a colouring kit in a box and chocolates for Alfred.  We went to Clerkland Farm for lunch.  We came back for a PICNIC, coffee and cakes in the campervan and Elsie helped us with the 'Tulips' jigsaw.

On Friday, Margaret came to visit us.  She brought me lots of pens, stickers and a colouring set.  After lunch, I took Margaret out to see my new car and the campervan.