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Tony and his mum gave me a lovely cushion for Christmas.  Viggo had his eye on the Christmas cake.  Tony took pictures with his new camera.

December already!  I've started to receive Advent Calendars and Christmas cards from my friends and family.  Elsie came to visit and brought me a special Advent Calendar with Christmas Crackers. 


For a change, I went to Dunlop on a MONDAY.  It was good fun, after dinner I lay on John's bed, while he sat at his table, watching "University Challenge" with Alfred.  I like getting points too.  I listen very carefully and I get a point for each word I hear and recognise.  Well, I got four points; Aberdeen, DANCING, reading (Classics) and HOSPITAL.  John said I was a clever girl.  I went to bed quite early, promising to be gentle tomorrow when our visitors arrive.  I phoned Mummy to say goodnight.  We told Mummy we we're going to see Mamma Mia on FRIDAY in the village hall.  We went, and I sang all the songs, which was good practice as the next day we went carol singing with Tony's mum.

Ann sent me a Christmas ecard with a puzzle for me to do.  We went to visit Tony's mum to see her Christmas tree and all the family presents.  I got a new bed for my bedroom in my house.  It has two big drawers for my jigsaws and books.
We went to the Canny Man for lunch with Tony and his mum.  Tony also took this picture of me in the restaurant.  Well done, Tony!  Next day, Anna came to Dunlop and we all went for lunch to Tony's mum's house.  What a lovely lunch we had.  Tony took the group picture of his mum, Anna, me and Alfred.  Clever Tony!  Later, Alfred made DVDs of Tony's video, "The Snowman", so that we can watch them on a laptop.