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Afternoon tea at Ellen's house


Silvana came to visit me at HOME .  She brought me a big box of jigsaws and Peter sent me a lovely Doggy Pillow from Canada.

John's new blue car arrived on FRIDAY.  Next day, we went for a run in the car to visit Anne and Elsie in Greenock.  I threw Brandy's ball for him to catch, over and over again.  When we left, I giggled, hummed and yawned all the way HOME.
The following FRIDAY, Anna came to visit, and on SUNDAY, Eleanor and Ralph came to see John's new car.  They took me to mummy's on their way back to Airdrie.

Isabel and Bill sent me a lovely card for St Patricks Day.  When the band finishes playing there is a puzzle for me to do.  I start by clicking on the picture. 


Lovely weather for March!  I like sitting outside when it's sunny and warm.