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Birthday party at Anna's; Papa, Eleanor, me & Josie


I got lots of lovely birthday cards, and messages from my family and friends on facebook!  I got lots of lovely presents too, and some birthday ecards from more friends!  Two of them were the very same card with puzzles for me to do.
      Margaret's daughter Amanda was married to Ricky in Mexico.
Yvonne, Gordon and Craig took me down to Dunlop.  Then Tony and his Mum arrived for afternoon tea.  Lucy made me a lovely chocolate birthday cake.
After tea we went for a walk up the farm lane to see the young cows in the field. Yvonne took me shopping for new clothes with my birthday present money.

Doreen gave me a new tray with 10 cats on it.  On Friday, we went to the cafe in the village hall for my birthday lunchGiulia came with Anna, Tony with his Mum, Ann and Elsie, and Alfred and me. Francesca went to visit the new babies, Ronan and Michael, and sent me this picture.  Then I had a sleepover at Anna's house.