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I went down to Balbeg again.  This time I had Red Ted with me.  He met the new Balbeg Bear.  I got another holiday jigsaw but I already had a holiday book.  No more books, it's too near Christmas. When I discovered Tony's Mum's homework menu I needed instant access to the Hippo Song, so Alfred put it here too.  No wonder Izzy loves it!!  It's Izzy's birthday this month.  Hippo Bathday, Isobel xx.
I got up early on Sunday to finish my new holiday jigsaw.  In the afternoon we went with Anna for tea to the cafe in Kirkmichael.  Dawn and Sam gave me a Disney jigsaw, thank you very much xx.  I helped Anna in the kitchen and took out the rubbish to the bins.  Anna said I was a very good helper.
Derek took me out on a bus.  He said I was very good and we'll do it again.
On Friday we went to visit Tony's mum.  She let me play my games on her laptop, on her new table.  Then she very kindly read me a story from my red book.  On Saturday, Isabel and Bill sent me a lovely ecard about a rocking horse.  Anna came to visit us and made us a smashing lunch - frittata - very nice.  Then I played my spelling game.  Anna and Tony's mum said I was very clever.