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We went back to Ardrossan for afternoon tea.  Lovely.  Next day we went to Troon for fish and chips.  Can't wait to go back with John.  Well, I'm going on holiday tomorrow.  I left Red Ted in bed for Monty to look after.  Thanks Monty.  See you all soon!   Ba-ba-ba-bye!!


While I was in America, Viggo was at Dunlop for a holiday.   He was a "goo' boy", and so was Monty.  When I came back Gordon took me to Balbeg on Saturday.  Balbeg is lovely in Autumn, but some of our friends visit  us in Summer.  There is a little video of some of their visits.  And another video from last summer.

Anna and Francesca took Ru and Pip to Bambourgh Castle.  Cesca and Viggo came to visit us at Balbeg.  She gave me some photos of the holiday in Northumbria for my diary.  Thanks 'Pippa Mummy'.  Alfred and Cesca took Viggo a walk round the pond.  When I finished my jigsaw Viggo sat on the chair to see it and he liked it.  He also liked the look of my white chocolate pudding.  So I had to give him a lick of my finger.  Don't tell Anna!