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Nonna Celeste Sidonio and some of her Airdrie family (Anna in the red dress).


Happy memories of last month: my holiday in Johnshaven for Tony's birthday, and weekends in Perth and Dunlop. This month, on the way home from Dunlop, Robert came with us, and we stopped at Kaldi's for lunch. We finished with cousin Eric's ice-cream, then back to my house.  Anna sent me a photo of Lucy and Pippa and Rhuaridh in Dundee. Gordon took me to his flat to see the plant we gave him as a house-warming present two years ago.  Look how tall it has grown.


Tony and I enjoyed the theatre with his Mum, Anna and Graham.  It was fantastic, and afterwards we went to Anna's house for pasta and pudding. We took Robert for fish teas in Alpino's. Peter and Silvana came to Scotland to visit me and Mummy. Gordon took me to a meeting with Peter and Alfred, then we went bowling with Marissa and Silvana.



Robert's great-grandfather, Sir John Wilson, gave Airdrie it's Town Hall. He lived in Airdrie House which he also gave to the town. It was demolished for a staff car park at Monklands District Hospital.