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A quieter pace  IL RUDERE DI MONTI TROCHIO Elisabeth and Alfred visit his grandfather's house in Italy.  Nostalgic. An old favourite FOUR PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION starring Carina and Tony, our  photos in a virtual gallery.  Tres Artistic.

Brought to you virtually from GLASGOW PAVILLION

Top of the bill  ADVENTURES TO WINCHCOMBE AND ITALY - PART 1 starring Carina and Alfred, Carina's car, two ferries  and a hast of countries.  Scary.

More trouble  ADVENTURES TO ITALY AND BACK - PART 2 home safely sort of.  Even scarier.




My Three Schools: Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary; St Charles Carstairs "for mentally defective Catholic Children" [Wiki] - I suppose that's why I was there from the age of six or so; Dunlop House for "mentally defective" teenagers presumably; and Lennox Castle Hospital, my finishing school and alma mater.  Survived the lot!  Yet towards the end of my eighteen year sentence some dreadful memories haunt me still.  Having my teeth extracted by twos and fours for fighting and biting was the not least of it.  They slowly fade now, replaced by all the happy memories I've made, living in the community (next door to my special friend Elsie) for nearly 25 years!  John and Alfred started to make our diaries each year, first for me and then for Tony too.  We enjoy looking  back on all our happy memories whenever we like.  Tony waits patiently until the end of each month for his diary.  I check mine every day for what's new and what's missing.

Thanks to John, my diary starts in 2004, the year of my first calendar, and Tony's starts in 2012 when we first met.

Time flew by while Alfred was in Italy and before you could say pizza he was back with my presents.


And before you could say leprechaun we were off to IRELAND!  On a boat!  With a shop!.  No planes no trains.


Three new videos to watch this month.

Tuscany 1 : Longford 5