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Celeste has known me all my life. Like Anna, she is my second cousin. Celeste has two sisters; Josie and Anita, and two brothers; Angelo and Eric. Celeste's dad, Uncle Angie, had one sister, Eugenia Soave, Alfred's mum or Auntie Jeannie.  

Celeste was named after our great-grandmother Nonna Celeste Sidonio.

We had coffee in Celeste's garden.

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Anna, Pippa, Josie, Lucy, Ruaridh, Francesca, me and Celeste.

My Birthday Party at Anna's house.

When I came back from Spain I took my laptop to Celeste's house so that she could see my holiday photos.

Calendar Girl October 2009


I like to go to Celeste's house for lunch.  After lunch, Celeste helps me with my homework (not that I really need help, you know!).  I help to clear the table.  Please click on our photo above to enlarge. When my bedroom was re-decorated, Celeste made me a beautiful pink cushion.  click to enlarge.