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Francesca and Pippa are my WWWCS Calendar Girls for December 2010.

Francesca and Alex used to live in EDINBURGH


When Lucy was a just a little girl we went to visit her when she was on holiday in St Andrews.  Lucy almost fell off her chair and that is my sign for her.  I am trying to learn to say her name properly. "SUZU"

We had a picnic and played ball on the beach.

The day my new black laptop arrived we skyped Cesca at Anna's house, and the monster from the blue lagoon appeared over her shoulder.  Extraordinarily rare sighting of the fabled creature!

Francesca is one of Anna's four daughters.  She is my cousin, well my third-cousin really.  Alex is her husband and they have three children, Lucy, Ruaridh and Phillipa.

One day we all watched the cows going back to the farm.  Carina laughed when one cow licked Francesca's car.