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My Friend ELLEN

I love going to Ellen's for afternoon tea on a Sunday.  She makes us lovely cakes and scones.

Helping Ellen with her computer


Ellen gave me a Santa dolly at Christmas


Ellen made us tea and scones.  I showed her my new games on my new black laptop and printed a calendar for Ellen, and also one for Sheila.


This is Callie

Callie likes doggy biscuits.  I give her some biscuits when I go to visit Ellen.

Ellen and Niels came to my 50th Birthday Party in Dunlop.

I like speaking to Ellen on Skype

Ellen used to work with Alice in a hospital, quite a long time ago.

Alfred is grateful to Ellen for introducing him to PICASA as it has made the building of my website much easier, especially my videos on 'No-Me-Tube'.

One day we met Ellen and Noel when we went to the Big Wheel in Braehead.