One Christmas, many years ago, my friend Rita  sent me this Santa Jigsaw Game which she thought I might like.  It's one of my favourite games and I play it every time I use my laptop.


To start this game I can click anywhere on the picture of Santa.

When I finish this game Santa falls down the chimney and I blow him a kiss.

I also have to remember to click on the kiss (cross, top right) to close this game



Little did Rita know back then that this game, and others I've been sent since, would inspire Alfred to create for me this website so that I can easily choose which game I want to play.  Now I can play my games on anyone's computer.  I used to go to Newton Mearns library to play them on their computer.



Click on this photo to see the set of jigsaws it comes from and click here to see another with Rita's Mum, Bianca.


I have a game which makes my favourite photos into jigsaws so that I can make them on my computer.  I have twelve sets of these jigsaws, each with 16 of my favourite photos.  There used to be 21 in each set but Alfred cut it down to 16 for me. That's a lot of jigsaws I can tell you.  One rainy day I made every single one