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This page explains how I navigate my way around my home page and website in general and also what adaptations have been made to my Acer laptop making it easier for me.

First of all when I click on an icon or thumbnail (or any link) which opens a new window (like the thumbnails below) I simply click on the white cross in the red box to close the window and go back to the previous one.  Try it with these photos of Tony's.


But if I click on an icon which does not open a new window (like this help page or my calendar or my videos) I simply click on the home page icon to go back to my home page.  I'm used to this but you might find it confusing or pedantic.  It's been designed for people with learning difficulties who have difficulty navigating most but not all other websites.

My Acer has been upgraded to Windows 8.1 to enable certain adaptations to be made.  I have two user accounts: 'Carina' and 'Carina Sidonio'.  The first one has been setup to launch straight to my desktop and the other account has a Microsoft Account and password to enable me to use Skype.  It has subsequently been upgraded to Windows 10 (nightmare).

Other adaptations include: single-click to open an item; mouse pointer extra large black; Internet Explorer 11 displays all the pages on Carina's website using Compatability View;  IE 11 opens to full screen and new windows open to full screen.  These adaptations apply to my 'Carina' account to make it easier for me to use my laptop.

You think you need help? Try working with our administrator. 

Email your problem to Alfred. He will endeavour to assist.


Having difficulty hearing stories? Please wait a few seconds after pressing "Hear Story".  It's like one of those light switches for fluorescent bulbs.  Takes time and patience. 2012 calendar only.


What's an icon?  A wee picture. Not our administrator (ha).


What's a website?  What you make it - lots of fun and games.  A bit like a book - full of magical pages.