September/October 2010.  This is the third year that I've come to Balbeg for a holiday with John, Alfred and Monty.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the visitors who are coming!  Some are coming for lunch and some are coming to stay with us.  Dawn, the caretaker, came to see if we were settling in alright and she brought me a new jigsaw.  Thank you, Dawn.



Ann was our first visitor.  She came for lunch on a nice sunny day. She brought a lovely cake, cream and chocolate for me.  It was too long a journey so Ann didn't bring Meg with her.   I like going to visit Ann in her new house. 


On Thursday night, Isabel and Bill arrived from Spain.  They had come to stay with us for ten days.  Isabel brought me some lovely new clothes and jewellery.

One day we went to Girvan for lunch.  There was a gift shop and I bought Mummy a present and a bag for myself. Bill took us to the pub on our last night.

Our next visitors, Elsie and Doris, came for lunch on Sunday.  Elsie brought me a jigsaw and Doris gave me chocolates and bangles.   This was Doris' first visit to Balbeg.  She was pleased to see my bedroom.  This had been Alice's bedroom two years ago.  I gave Doris a Balbeg Teddy and I gave a notebook to Elsie as she got a Teddy last year.    It was another sunny day, so Elsie and Doris went for a walk after lunch with Isabel and Bill.  I wanted to stay indoors to do a jigsaw and look after John.


Eleanor & Ralph came for lunch on Saturday then on Tuesday, we went to Ayr.  We did some shopping then Alfred met Anna at the bus station while Isabel and I had coffee in a cafe nearby.  We went for lunch and visited Burns Cottage where I bought my souvenir playing cards.  When we got back to Balbeg, Lucy had arrived with all the goodies for our pudding.  Next day, Ellen and Shiela arrived for lunch and I gave each of them a Balbeg Teddy.  They loved seeing my bedroom.  After lunch, Anna took the for a walk.