My Friend Robert 

Robert's great-grandfather, Sir John Wilson, gave Airdrie it's Town Hall. He lived in Airdrie House which he also gave to the town. It was demolished for a staff car park at Monklands District Hospital.



Robert and I had something in common, we had both lived in castles.  I met him in Dunlop at Christmas 2018.  One of Robert's ancestors lived in Airdrie.  That's where I grew up, so did Alfred. 
      February 2019  March  2019
July  2019       lunch at Woodland View Hospital where I used to work every second Saturday for a whole year.  Then I retired and we drove to Winchcombe and Italy
Dunlop        August 2019 
October 2019      fish teas
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Summer garden parties

January 2021   Afternoon tea in Robert's house.
I'm very glad to have met Robert, I enjoyed being in his company and he tolerated me very well.  He thought I sometimes looked quite intellectual.

  Some of our own family weddings were held in Airdrie Town Hall, Alfred's brother Ralph and his wife Eleanor in the 1980's

Airdrie House (now Monklands General Hospital) Most of The Moss and the area around Whinhall belonged to the Airdrie House Estate until the beginning of this century. The estate was owned and occupied by the Hamilton family for nearly 300 years and it was Robert Hamilton who is credited with being the founder of Airdrie in 1695. The Hamilton reign came to an end in 1749. In 1769 the Aitchison’s bought the estate that the Alexanders later inherited. In 1887 Sir John Wilson bought the estate and it was to be the home of the Wilsons until it became the local maternity hospital in 1919. This closed in 1962 and was demolished in 1964 to make way for Monklands General Hospital that opened in 1977.