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December was a wild and windy month and there was a great storm with the sea coming over the sea walls in Stonehaven and Johnshaven.


At Milltown we prepared for Christmas and mum came on Christmas Eve.


On Christmas Day we went to church in Neilston and then to Patrick's house for Christmas Dinner; Rhuaridh and Isobel and their mum and dad and Beckie's mum and dad were there too: we had a delicious lunch and stayed overnight.  Thankyou Beckie and Peter.
On Boxing Day morning mum and I went to Joyce and Mike's house and then back to Dunlop in the evening to Alfred's house: he had lots of visitors, Carina and Anna and Francesca's dog Viggo who was there for a whole week.  We went out for lunch to the Canny Man at Lugton.  I took some of these photographs with the camera Alfred gave me for Christmas - thankyou Alfred, it's a lovely present and I'm going to take more pictures for my calendar.


Before coming back to Milltown, we went with all the Longstaffs - Sue and Geoff as well - to the Russian State Circus in Edinburgh.  Then back to Milltown for New Year.